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My life is a symphony of roles – a full-time employee, the passionate organizer behind the VA World Conference, and a dedicated contributor to the administrative professionals’ community.

All of this while cherishing the moments with my adult daughter, and soon to be grandchild, in Richmond, Virginia.

My journey in administration started at a young age, driven by the excitement of creating budget spreadsheets and crafting documents, all in pursuit of that precious allowance.

Over two decades in the field, I realized that my calling was greater than just a job. 

Being an Administrative Virtual Consultant is not just a profession for me; it’s my passion and my source of joy.

It’s what fuels my journey, giving me the courage and humility to gracefully tackle the diverse challenges that come my way.

My personal interests include:

I dive with joy into comics, the latest gadgets, crafting masterpieces (Hello, DIY/Art enthusiasts!), sipping libations, and celebrating the joy of cooking (summer blue crabs, and shrimp? count me in!). Family gatherings? That’s my Super Bowl! As a Daddy’s girl, I revel in football, basketball, and the exhilarating thump of old-school hip hop at live concerts.

I pride myself as an outspoken Advocate for Mental Health, Entrepreneurs, and the Administrative Professional — a resonating voice for equality, access, understanding, support, and love.

I also dedicate my time to volunteering with organizations like the Administrative Professional Conference and The Network Incubator, because, to me, everything circles back to the power of connections — the heart of all that I do.

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